About Us

Hi, I'm Sam

The Serverless Obsessive

I want to tell you a story. A story about how I first got into the AWS and Serverless world.

Before I was a developer, I worked as a jet engine designer at Rolls-Royce. It was the job I'd dreamed about since I was a kid and I'd spent 4 years getting a Masters in Aerospace Engineering.

But I hated the job. 

There was so much red-tape and bureaucracy that I felt like nothing I did made any difference. 

So I decided to become a developer instead. After 4 months of studying and building every weekend and evening and I got a job offer. This job was great and I grew loads as a developer.


When I moved on to my next role, I ended up at a startup that only used AWS and Serverless. I'd never used AWS or heard of Serverless.

To get up to speed quickly I tried to learn all I could about Serverless. But this time it was very different to learning JavaScript or React.

There were no courses on Serverless and most of the AWS ones were just slides of facts you needed to pass the AWS Certifications.

I decided that I'd learn from articles and blog posts instead. What I found was incredibly disappointing.

I found hundreds of "hello world" examples, but very few that went beyond that or taught you to build anything realistic. Looking back on those articles I realise how many were out of date, teaching you bad habits or were even just wrong.

So I decided to start creating the tutorials that I wish I had when I was learning. I would take the things I was building at work and break it down into the best tutorials I could. This was the birth of the Complete Coding Youtube channel.

Over the years, I got WAY better at Serverless, but also a lot better at creating tutorials. On Youtube, people kept asking for a "guide" to which of my videos to watch first and eventually they were asking if I had a full course.

So that is what I did. I used my 5 years of Serverless experience to design the best course I could. I spent 6 months designing the projects and creating the course. I wanted this to be the only thing you need to get a job as a Serverless developer. 

The course has now had over 250 students from around the world and the feedback has been amazing.

I plan to continue to update and improve the course, but also create more courses that will be able to dive deeper into a certain section of the Serverless world. 

In all - I just want to help you become an awesome Serverless developer.

Why the Serverless Masterclass?


There are a LOT of courses on AWS out there. The problem with almost all of them is that they focus on passing the AWS Certifications, instead of helping you become a great Engineer.

The Serverless Masterclass flips that around and focuses on giving you the skills to get a job as a Serverless Engineer. If you then want to get the Certifications then you have a great foundation of experience to build on.