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You’re already working as a front-end developer, managing servers or looking to transfer your existing skills. You also know that good Serverless Developers are in demand (and can mean a pay rise of around 10k a year).

You could spend weeks hunting down what you need to learn online, risking out-of-date advice or badly written tutorials. 

Or you could take the Serverless Masterclass where you: 

  • Get taken through the learning in a logical way
  • Learn while building projects that you’d come across in a Serverless job
  • Solve problems that you’re likely to fix in the real world
  • And gain practical experience that you can take into that next job interview to demonstrate how you are right for the role. 

This is the course I wish existed when I first started out as a Serverless Developer: one that helps you develop your skills in a practical way. 

Take the Serverless Masterclass

Join over 200 AWS Serverless Developers who are gaining the practical experience they need by working on the kinds of projects that you’d expect to do in the real world. 

Whether you’re thinking of getting AWS certified, already have the qualification or know you can do the job without it, the Serverless Masterclass will give you the knowledge and experience to take that next career step. 

Why this course: 

The curriculum is designed to mimic the real-world problems that you’d find in the workplace. These are projects that I’ve built over my career and are laid out in a logical sequence so that you put your problem-solving skills to the test. 

By the end of this course, you will: 

  • Go from being confident at coding to being job-ready as a Serverless Developer. 
  • Have created seven projects that you can showcase at your next job interview
  • Gain the practical skills needed to be a Serverless Engineer and a productive team member
  • Experienced the kinds of problem-solving you’ll need in your daily work
  • Have the confidence to apply for that next job and walk into the interview with a portfolio of projects to share. 
  • Become a well-rounded Serverless Engineer

This course is unlike any other. You’ll be developing valuable skills, not simply learning the answers to an AWS exam. 

The course includes 

  • 14 hours of content to learn at your own pace
  • 7 real-world projects 
  • The fundamentals of becoming a Serverless Engineer
  • And easy-to-understand lessons that have been tried and tested

This means no more scrabbling around online for information that might be out of date or incorrect. No wasting time on skills that you don’t really need and focusing on the skills you do. 

Become a Serverless Developer

Feel enthusiastic about development again

As a developer, I know that figuring out the answers to problems is really satisfying. But when you’ve been working at the same level for some time, applying for jobs and not making it past the interview round, it can get frustrating. 

This is why I’ve created a course that is built to help you make that next step and build a solid career. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to earn an extra £10k a year? 

On average a Serverless Dev makes an extra 10k a year and that’s just the start of your journey. As you develop more applications, you learn more, build more and quickly move up the career ladder. 

Taking the Serverless Masterclass Course is the first step to moving into a job you can truly thrive in.

What Students Say?

A common mistake that I see people making it is that they don't focus enough on building real world projects. They bounce between learning different skills, maybe taking a certification, but then they go to interview and they don't have the meaningful projects to showcase on their portfolio.

When I saw this course come out from Sam that dives into different projects that you can build on top of AWS and serverless, I was super excited. Now there are not many people out there that have got the level of depth and experience that Sam has building production applications on top of Serverless workloads.

Start Building Projects


Become a Serverless Engineer

Learn all of the skills you need to become a Serverless Engineer whilst building these 7 real-world projects.

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The Serverless Masterclass is for you if:

  • You can confidently write JavaScript or TypeScript code
  • You are already working as a Developer 
  • Or you are ready for a career change and want to move your skills across to the cloud
  • You are looking for a hands-on way to learn serverless development
  • And you want to progress in your dev career
  • You’re ready to move up that career ladder and increase your salary.


This course is not for you if:

  • You are moving from a non-technical career and looking for an Introduction to AWS course
  • You are still learning to write JavaScript code
  • You’d prefer to hope that an AWS Certification will get you that dream job
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”Your serverless course - it’s absolutely knockout, you’ve done a great job so far, really valuable

-Immanuel P.
Cloud Lead at AND Digital

”My journey as a serverless developer wouldn't have been possible without your videos.

-Brandon Faulkner
Serverless Engineer

”My success at my job is attributed to finding your video series. From S3 to setting up infrastructure using the Serverless Framework. I can't thank you enough

-Stephen Osei
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Become a Serverless Engineer

  • Full access to the course
  • Access to code in GitHub
  • Lifetime access to project and video updates

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Become a Serverless Engineer

  • Full access to the course
  • Access to code in GitHub
  • Lifetime access to project and video updates
  • Split into 3 monthly payments

Hey, I’m Sam

I’m a Serverless Engineer with almost six years of experience in the field, including two years as a consultant. Plus, I’ve been teaching people Serverless Engineering for the past four years. 

I’ve worked with a range of startups and established companies, so I know what skills are needed (and what skills you shouldn’t waste your time on). When you work through the Serverless Masterclass, you gain real-world experience and mastery of the tools to show off in your next job interview. 

This course is the foundation for the next step in your career. And it’s a career that can bring you the freedom to work from anywhere in the world and fit around the adventures you want to take in life. 

Are you ready to make your move into Serverless Development? 

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